Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the activities Camelot offers?

Camelot offers a variety of land and water activities, click here to find out more!

2. What are the courses Camelot offers?

Are you an avid rock climber or water sports enthusiast who are keen in certifications? Refer to our course and certifications page here!

3. What is the minimum number of participants to start a courses?

For all SNCS and SNAS courses, the minimum number of participants to start a course is 6 pax.

4. What are the modes of payment for the certification course?

We accept CASH or NETS payment over the counter, and bank transfer. For more information, contact us at 6702 6338.

5. What is the minimum age requirement for participation in our activities and courses?

The minimumm age for participants to participate in Rock Climbing/Abseiling/Canopy Challenge is 7 years old or height of 1.1m.

The minimim age for participants to participate in the all SNCS and SNAS courses is 13 years old.

6. What are the overseas climbing certificates that we recognized?

We do not accept any overseas climbing certificates other than local climbing certificate.
For any queries, please check with Singapore Mountaineering 

7. What if I do not have any sports climbing certification, can I still climb or use the adventure centre facilities?

If you do not have any certifications, you are welcome to use the indoor bouldering gym.

For outdoor rock climbing facilities and hire of instructor/belayers, bookings are to be made one week in advance. 

8. I’m bringing a group of students to climb. Can I make my payment via Gebiz invoicing?

Gebiz payment is only allow for advance booking. If no booking is made, climbers will be charged based on walk-in rates.

9. I’m a non-Safra Member but my friend/spouse has a Safra card. Can we share the Safra Membership Card?

Safra Card is exclusive for Safra Members only. You will not be able to share the card and its benefits.

10. I’m a non-SAC Member but my friend is an SAC Member. Can we share the SAC Membership Card?

SAC Card is exclusive for SAC Members only. You will not be able to share the card and its benefits.

11. My friend who is a Safra Member bought a climbing pass. Can I share the pass that was bought under his or her name?

Yes you will be able to share the climbing pass.

12. My friend who is a SAC Member bought a climbing pass. Can I share the pass that was bought under his or her name?

It can only be shared among SAC members. All members are to present their SAC Membership Card for verfiication. 

13. What facilities do we have in the Adventure Centre?

Our facilities range from Low Elements, High Challenge Rope Course, Rock Climbing at different heights (15m, 18m and 25m wall) and 2-Storey Indoor Bouldering Gym. 

14. What are the rates for climbing at SAFRA Yishun Adventure Centre?

Please refer to this link for rates information.

15. In cases of wet weather, do i get a refund?

Within 30 minutes of registration, a rain-check card with one week validity will be issued for a return climb.



1. In cases of wet weather, what are our procedures?

There will be alternatives indoor activities that incorporates teambuilding that enables participants to achieve the same objectives.

2. Does Camelot offer food catering? Are our Caterer Halal certifed?

Yes, we provide food catering and our caterer(s) are halal and HPB certified with the healthier choice option.

3. Do we provide bus transportation for programmes?

Bus transportation is optional at a separate cost.

4. Can programme brought to client’s site?

Programme may or may not be able to be brought on-site, depending on the activity type, venue and total number of participants.

5. What are the charges like?

Charges varies on the programme you’re looking for.
For more information, please send your enquiry to:

6. Do we accept payment via Vendor/Gebiz/Nets/Cheques/Cash?

Yes we accept payment via Vendor, Gebiz, Cheques, Nets and Cash @ Safra Yishun Adventure Centre

7. What is the minimum age for participation?

Minimum age for water activities is 8 years old.
Minimum age for high elements in Safra Yishun is 7 years. 
All participants below 12 years old must be under adult supervision.