Team Building

Corporate Retreats, Team Building, Team Bonding, Leadership Training you name it, we’ve got it. If you and your organization are looking for specific devolepmental comes or soley to get out of the office for some fun. Look no further! With more than a decade of experience serving the needs of Government and Private Organizations,

Camelot’s corporate programmes are customizeable to our client’s needs. We strive to bond, build and strengthen people, teams and relationships. From methods as simple as human interaction to more specialised means such as personal profiling tools, for you and your organization.

Land Based Activities

  • High Elements¬†
  • Low Elements
  • Cycling
  • Geo-Caching
  • Expeditions
  • Archery Warrior
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Terrarium Building
  • Culinary Workshop
  • Indoor Team Building Games

Water Based Activities

  • Kayaking
  • Dragon Boating
  • Improvised Rafting
  • Sailing
  • Expeditions