Camelot is certified to conduct TetraMap Workshops

An Internationally used psychometric learning model, tool and framework.

Tetramap uses nature as a metaphor to teach self awareness, social awareness and communications. It enables the team to overcome internal silos and improves leadership.

We offer structured training tools to lift planning, communication and performance.

Why Nature as a Metaphor?

The four Elements:

Nature’s four elements – earth, air, water, and fire – resonates with many cultures and are simple, memorable, and easily understood as representations of the manner in which people interact. We use capitals for the metaphors: Earth; Air; Water; Fire; Elements.

Even though there are strong contrasts in environments around the world, most people can relate to their own experience of the richness of nature. Like much of what we uncover when we take time to observe, the patterns have been there all the time. The Elements teach us much, link to our own experiences, and show us what’s possible.

Using Nature as a metaphor makes it easy to start conversations and illustrate examples of effective connections, enabling personal reflection and shared discussion. This helps create a common language which is easy to remember and use. 

All TetraMap workshops incorporate at least four lessons from Nature: value diversity, be sustainable, work inter-dependently, and create synergy.   

In our view, all Elements are equally important and equally necessary for strength, diversity, and sustainability and we use all four lenses to encourage creative thinking.

TetraMap is not a detailed individual psychometric assessment and does not predict that a person will always maintain the same Element preference(s). Instead it takes a step back and looks more at commonalities between people’s preferences and attempts to group them without pigeon-holing.

Its strength lies in its simplicity, use of metaphor, ability to engage, and applicability over time and across a range of scenarios or workplace situations. Thinking in metaphors is a naturally creative process, and the holistic nature of TetraMap ensures consideration of multiple perspectives instead of a polarising, strengths-and-weaknesses, black-and-white approach.

Unlike some models, TetraMap stresses that everyone has all four Elements which they are able to access and strengthen for improved communication skills and performance.

TetraMap’s instrument has 10 questions, each with 4 forced-choice answers ranked by preference and answered intuitively – no lengthy questionnaires, or individual reports for analysis.

Leadership skills

TetraMap has often been described as a leadership competency. What does this mean?

Great leaders combine courage, knowledge, compassion, and vision to meet the challenges their organisations face. To reach peak performance, leaders support their teams to develop autonomy, mastery, a common purpose, and a connection to personal passion.

Good leadership is about good relationships, and TetraMap teaches understanding of people’s natures and behaviours,
communication with others, and the value of diversity and differences within teams.

skills required for effective leadership are:

  Communication skills
  Relationship and team management
  Conflict management and reduction
  Responsible decision making
  Leaving a legacy for the future

and managers start with understanding themselves at a deeper level, using the
Why are you like that?

the nature of behavior.

will examine how well and often they demonstrate how they value diversity and
reduce conflict. 

Multiple perspectives

Art of
is to take a situation, challenge, problem, or opportunity and
it. This means everything should be looked at from at least four perspectives.

The TetraMap of leadership

a courageous leader is determined to overcome challenges and take
responsibility for the impacts and consequences of every action.

a wise leader has the knowledge to create a sound strategy and make learning

a compassionate leader gives each person the freedom to empower from within.

an inspirational leader creates compelling visions for better times.